For Kofi, A Lamentation

Oh! Dear Professor

Ye who passed in the hands of terror,
May thy soul in perfect peace rest

Till we join thee in eternal rest

Oh you icy hands of terror

What is it you have done in error?

This life of Awoonor you’ve taken

The world cannot pardon

Sometime in September

Forever will be a day to remember

When death, from our grip

Snatched a part of our rib

From this life, Terror we must fight

To purge our world of this fright

This violence, that holds us to the marrow

And leaves us with an uncertain tomorrow.

(September 23, 2013)

My Pledge

This day do I pledge
To act in the living present
To dream, like visionaries do
And to follow, in the footprints of great men
But never, to walk in the shadow of the vain soul.
Like the Eagle, I will stretch my wings and fly
Whatever becomes of me this day;
Be it good or bad, success or failure
I shall keep up with the strive
Heart within, God overhead.
As I believe, so shall it be.
I will therefore be up and doing
Till I make it to the top;
There my reward lies,
There is the home of champions!

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